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Encouragers on the Journey

“This is the point where I’m tempted to say I don’t think I can go any further,” said my friend, Carolyn. We were taking a hike in North Carolina yesterday morning–the Memminger Path to Glassy Mountain on the grounds of Carl … Continue reading

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Freedom from Being Grieved Beyond Grace

Recently I contemplated a loss in my life having to do with one of my children. I was surprised to discover that in a certain aspect of this loss, there was still unfinished business. These words  came to mind as … Continue reading

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Freedom To Receive God’s Strength

“I’d get a divorce…” the two men agreed when I asked: “If your spouse became severely mentally ill, would you stick by her?”  Both of these men work in the field of behavorial health taking care of acutely ill people.   “…especially if she refused to take her meds, ” said one … Continue reading

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Freedom from Demanding My Own Way

On this day 35 years ago I left my husband. We were on our honeymoon walking down the street in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  “Don’t you think it’s time we stopped for dinner?” I asked. I was an eat-meals-at-prescribed-times person at that phase in my life, and growing up our family ate dinner … Continue reading

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Freedom from “It’s Pointless” Thinking

“It’s pointless.” Too often that’s my attitude toward work–whether it’s housework, yard work, my paying job, my writing, or other work for the Lord.  The reason I reach that conclusion is I have expectations surrounding work. It’s when the results of my labor don’t match … Continue reading

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