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Freedom from Delusions

A number of years ago a troubled woman whom I knew well called and asked if I would drive a half hour away to her doctor’s office to give him a check for her last office visit. “Why can’t you … Continue reading

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Celebrating The Freedom Found in Forgiving

“I never had a daddy,” she said. Tears rolled down the face of the woman who sat near me in the forgiveness class at the women’s retreat.  It was odd, but I felt happy as I watched her cry and saw the hurt on … Continue reading

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Laying My Burdens Down

“I’m in a bad place,” I said to Kenn, my songwriting teacher, last Thursday. “Working on a song seems like a hard thing today.” Not long before I had been in North Carolina visiting a friend. What happened to the peace and joy I … Continue reading

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Letting God Direct My Grieving

Not long ago I had prayed God would help me grieve over the loss of a dream in regard to one of my daughters. He was faithful to do that, but a short time after God showed me where I needed to grieve in my marriage, so He could … Continue reading

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