Sweet Surrender

I’m still thinking about surrender. As I contemplated the subject this week, the Lord brought these words to mind: “sweet surrender.”

That’s what God desires from me. He doesn’t rejoice when I obey through gritted teeth. What He longs for from me is a sweetness in submitting to Him. And sweetness is also what’s on the other side of this kind of surrender.

How often I have experienced that. After fretting and fearing and frantically trying to work things out in a difficult circumstance, God has gently whispered to me to let go. His voice has been so tender that it melted my heart.  Surrendering seemed easy and a welcome relief. And the end result was sweet.

How sweet? Just think of a time when you craved a certain kind of special chocolate you had not had  in a long time–either because it wasn’t available or you decided to give up sugary foods for awhile. When you took that first bite of chocolate, it tasted so sweet.

How much sweeter it is to be reconnected to the Father as a result of surrender. Chocolate brings a certain pleasure to the taste buds, but surrender to God brings a wave of joy to the soul.

At those moments I have wondered, “Why did I wait so long?”

     Once I am in that place of humble, eager surrender to God, I feel a closeness to Him that is difficult to describe. Although He is invisible, it’s as if I am wrapped up in His arms and I sense a look of pleasure on His face.

Psalm 17:15 describes this:

As for me, I will continue beholding Your face in righteousness (rightness, justice, and right standing with You); I shall be fully satisfied, when I awake [to find myself] beholding Your form [and having sweet communion with You].

I’m realizing that the sense of “This is so sweet,” is not just on my side. That’s how God feels when I surrender to Him with the trusting abandon of a little child.

Oh Lord, how I long to be fully surrendered to You. Please break down my resistance. Continue to work in my heart to bring me to and keep me in that place of sweet surrender.

Can you join me in that prayer?


About elainecreasman

I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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5 Responses to Sweet Surrender

  1. Jane Reece says:

    Bingo again. Had to miss church today & rejoiced that your blog would my sermon. God is dealing with me that love never notices a wrong suffered. Surrender is indeed sweet! Many thanks and keep blogging!

  2. Joel Galindo says:

    This sweetness that awaits me on the other side refreshers this parched soul. Thank you Jesus!

  3. Poppy Smith says:

    Surrender truly is a powerful work of the Spirit and brings all the blessings you describe. I can think of many occasions over the years where the surrender was with tears and fears, yet looking back I see the amazing work of God in me and in circumstances that I dreaded. Thanks, Elaine, for your words. Poppy

  4. Julie says:

    Thanks again, Elaine for speaking the words I needed to hear.

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