Set Free From Stupid

Elaine, before you knew Me, you too made many stupid choices.

This is what the Lord brought to mind after a relative asked for help, and I fumed inwardly, He’s in this place because he’s made so many stupid decisions.

Even though I feared being an enabler, and in the past my husband and I had said “no,” this time the Lord led my husband to say “yes” to this loved one’s cry for help.

Steve opened wide the door to our home.

Since then I’ve been praying God would open wide the door of my heart.

And I’ve been thinking about stupid.

When I looked up the word in the dictionary, it said “lacking intelligence or common sense, dazed, unable to think clearly, sluggish, slow-witted.

Those words fit.

The words a young man shared awhile ago on the TV show, “America’s Got Talent,” has been repeatedly coming to mind.

“If I wasn’t involved in singing, I would be doing something stupid right now,” he said.

My thought after hearing that was, If I wasn’t following hard after God, I would be doing something stupid right now.

So when this “bad-choice Charlie” came whimpering back into my life, God was making it clear “That could be you—if not for Me.”

If God hadn’t rescued me from my stupid choices, where would I be right now? If people hadn’t loved me despite my stupidity, would I still be going down some dead end road? These questions humble me and give me compassion for those who are without the Lord—even those who have resisted Him for years.

As my loved one and I have been talking, he’s beginning to see that for years he’s been clinging to the wisdom of this world. Finally he’s willing to admit that this course has left him in a pit of despair and destitute in more ways than just financially.

I rejoice that this wayward soul is beginning to see the truth of 1 Corinthians 3:19:

for this world’s wisdom is foolishness (absurdity and stupidity) with God… (AMPC)

For the first time, this individual seems truly hungry for God. He has said, “I want to come to God.” However I didn’t like the second part of the sentence. “But I want to come to him my way.”

He hasn’t surrendered yet or embraced Jesus as Savior and Lord, but he’s seeking and attending church. He’s also making some attempts to wrap his mind around the fact that I presented to him: “There is no coming to God your way. The only way to come to God is His way.”

Sometimes it takes awhile to let go of stupid. I know from experience. And I still slip into stupid when I wander from God’s will and way. So my merciful Father is giving me patience along with compassion.

I’m entrusting this relative to the Lord. God alone can rescue him from making more stupid choices. He alone can rescue me from the stupid position of thinking I’m superior.

What about you? Do you have someone in your life who seems addicted to doing dumb things? Are you resisting God’s call to come down from your high perch and reach out with a caring hand?

About elainecreasman

I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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5 Responses to Set Free From Stupid

  1. thompsons5 says:

    Oh how I relate:-)

  2. Beth Willis Miller says:

    Elaine, so true! I felt like I was hearing the song, “Were It Not For Grace” by Larnelle Harris(YouTube link ) The words of your blog post and the lyrics of the song resonate in my heart…it is so true…there, but the for Grace of God, go I…thank you for sharing your heart and your life so openly and honestly!

    • Tammy Bovee says:

      your blog reminds me that the Enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but God comes to give life to the full~ (John 10:10)
      Nothing in this world can satisfy the human soul but Jesus!

  3. Julie says:

    Very convicting! Thanks for speaking the truth!

  4. anitaayers says:

    How ironic that I just posted a quote on FB that said, “everything happens for a reason but sometimes things happen because you are stupid and make bad decisions.” God has been so merciful to me despite some of my incredibly stupid moments and I can’t thank him enough. My granddaughter is having some really stupid moments right now and I am depending on God’s grace and mercy to cover her until his wisdom counteracts her “stupid”. Love your blog!
    Hugs, Anita

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