When God Repeats Himself (Trust #2)

One way I know God is trying to tell me something is that He repeats Himself. There are plenty of examples of this in Scripture—like the psalm where He says over and over (26 times!) that His love endures forever. (See Psalm 136)

Then there have been the times I received a Bible verse from numerous sources over a short period of time.

Lately God has been speaking to me by repeating His message through songs.

Two different times in recent days–as I go through a heartbreaking circumstance with a loved one–a song has come on the radio at the beginning and at the end of an occurrence.

The first time a certain song was playing when I arrived in the parking lot at work. I turned the car off feeling encouraged by the song.

When I came out of work after my 12-hour shift, I turned on the car, and once again the same song was playing.

“Thank You, Lord,” I said feeling that He really wanted me to embrace the message of that song. The song was “The Air I Breathe” by Mat Kearney. The words that really spoke to me were “shame comes calling my first name.” All my life I’ve battled shame since I came from a shaming family. I knew God was warning me that the enemy would once again try to use shame to bring me down. He already was trying to shame me, but I knew I had to stay alert and stand firm.

The other line was “Every word You speak is the air I breathe.”  Through that line, I was reminded that I needed to pay attention to God’s words and not the words of “experts” or other people around me.

Then this past weekend, it happened again.

When I was leaving town to go to Vero Beach to visit my parents, the song “Blessed Be Your Name,” came on the radio. I paid attention because a friend had recently given me a verse from the New Testament that had to do with Job.

“You know we call those blessed [happy, spiritually prosperous, favored by God] who were steadfast and endured [difficult circumstances]. You have heard of the patient endurance of Job and you have seen the Lord’s outcome [how He richly blessed Job]. The Lord is full of compassion and is merciful.” James 5:11 AMP

When she shared that verse with me, she focused on “The Lord’s outcome.”

It’s in the book of Job that the words “blessed be the name of the LORD” appear. (Job 1:21b) Another line in the song, “He gives and takes away,” is from that same verse: “The LORD gave and the LORD has taken away” (21a) I remember a friend said she didn’t like that song because of that line, not realizing that it came from Scripture. She also didn’t like the line that said, “the road marked with suffering.”

This past Monday as I drove back into town after three hours on the road, the song “Blessed Be Your Name” came on the radio again. (BTW–the station I listen to is The Joy FM) I heard the song leaving town and then coming back near the same location I had heard it several days before. I truly believe God wanted me to receive truth deeply into my soul, so He repeated Himself using a song on the radio.

So as I sit here once again waiting expectantly for God’s outcome in a circumstance over which I know I have no control–one filled with danger and trauma–I know I have to do what Job did. I have to trust in God.

This verse came to mind after listening to “Blessed Be Your Name” the second time. “Though he slay me, yet will I trust in him…” (Job 13:15 KJV) The question comes again from the Lord, “My child, will you trust Me?”

My answer is “Yes, Lord, yes” followed by a prayer, “Lord, thank You for using this excruciatingly difficult circumstance to help me to trust You more.”

“Blessed Be Your Name” sung by Tree63


“The Air I Breathe” by Mat Kearney



About elainecreasman

I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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3 Responses to When God Repeats Himself (Trust #2)

  1. God certainly understands our need to hear Scripture repeated, and in such a timely way that it will make an impact on us as it obviously has for you here. The key is that we’re to listen closely and make the connection.
    Blessings, Elaine, and thanks for the inspiration!

    • Dear Martha, thanks for your comment. It’s true that the key is to listen. So many times there are competing voices including those inside our heads. God bless you as you seek a closer walk with Him.

  2. Joan Lanning says:

    Thanks Elaine

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