The Better Life

Recently I heard four words in a song that touched me deeply. They were “There’s a better life.”

Those words reminded me that I’m living the better life. The one I lived before I knew the Lord was filled with torment and at times terror. These came not so much because of what I’d been through but because of my negative reactions. I chose substance abuse, overeating, bitterness, anger, and self-loathing.

One of the ways my life has changed for the better is that I’m not bound by negative thinking. Yes, I can slip into it, but because of the Lord and His Word and His speaking truth to my soul, I can choose to quickly escape wrong thought patterns.

The song I was listening to called, “Chain Breaker,” reminded me of all the ways the Lord has made my life better.

Ironically when I looked for an image that said, “A Better Life,” I found one that listed an atheist website.I went there and found a book titled, A Better Life with this subtitle: 100 Atheists Speak Out On Joy and Meaning in a World Without God.

The lie that some struggling Christians or seekers believe is that instead of a life with God being better, the life without Him is the better life. A number of people I know who were once devoted to the Lord have embraced that lie. They’re blind to the fact that what they see as freedom is really a deep bondage.

One of the most famous atheists, Richard Dawkins, has written a book titled The God Delusion. On part of the description of the book said this: “The God Delusion makes a compelling case that belief in God is not just wrong but potentially deadly. It also offers exhilarating insight into the advantages of atheism to the individual and society, not the least of which is a clearer, truer appreciation of the universe’s wonders than any faith could ever muster.”

Sadly, a loved one of mine who once seemed to be a devout Christian has embraced all that Richard Dawkins communicates. This individual not long ago went to hear this well-known atheist speak and expressed excitement over meeting someone whom she saw as one of the greatest men living on this earth. I cried when those words were texted to me from someone who was once a Christian I admired, but had rejected truth for lies.

What deception.

Yet at any given moment each of us has to decide if life with God or life without God is better. Even as a Christian I spend too much time living as if there is no God. I try to solve matters myself and look at self-sufficiency rather than dependence on the Lord as the greatest virtue. I tend to plot and plan instead of pray. I choose worry over worship and fear over faith.

I’m grateful that God whispers to me to draw near when I get caught in any of these.

Lately I’ve been thanking God that He drew me into the better life and has kept my heart strong against those who try to convince me that a life without God is superior, especially during those periods when it seems God is refusing to answer my prayers, and my heart gets broken yet another time.

The bottom line is that no matter what my circumstances may hold, I have a God who holds me and helps me—who hears me and heals me.

What I need is grace to remember all that God has done for me and in me, all He has brought me through, all the ways He has made my life so much better. Psalm 105:5 says it like this: “[Earnestly] remember the marvelous deeds that He has done, His miracles and wonders…” (AMPC)

Today I’m celebrating this better life God has called me to. I’m trusting Him to continue to break every chain that keeps me from fully enjoying it.

“Chain Breaker” by Zach Williams


About elainecreasman

I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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  1. Joan M Lanning says:

    Well done Elaine..Thank you.

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