Believing the Impossible Repost

Today I’m reposting a blog I posted on December 1, 2013 titled, “Believing the Impossible.” Next week I will post a new blog on another situation which seemed impossible to my human thinking. Please see the update on this blog at the end. I can’t help but remember a saying I heard from someone years ago, “God loves the word impossible.”


Not long ago I was challenged to believe the impossible.

While I was out to breakfast with my mom’s siblings—my aunt and three uncles–my Uncle Jimmy said, “Elaine, we’d really like to have your mom come here for Mary’s birthday.”

My aunt was turning 80 in several weeks. My first thought was “that’s impossible.” My mom and dad lived in Florida, and Dad is disabled and has great difficulty allowing Mom to travel and leave him behind. She had done it once in the years since his severe fall, but he had such a hard time having her away that he said, “I don’t think I can ever allow you to do that again.” He was lonely without her. He also suffers from severe chronic pain and wanted her around when he was in distress.

I voiced what I now see as unbelief to the whole group with my “That’s impossible” statement.

“And besides,” I added, “Mom has flown alone on an airplane only once and that was many years ago.” Now she was almost 79 years old. I couldn’t travel with her because I couldn’t get off of work to do so.

To me the matter seemed closed.

Then Uncle Jimmy spoke up again. “I believe your dad’s heart is changing about letting your mom travel.”

I had not seen that.

On the way home from Chicago to Florida, my mind and heart were being challenged by what my uncle said. What if my dad’s heart was changing? What if God was changing his heart? Would I still hold to my “it’s impossible” stand and not do my part if this is what God had in mind?

The bottom line is that my mom did get to go to the Chicago area to her sister’s 80thbirthday. There were no arguments from Dad when the subject was presented. Instead he said, “That sounds like an excellent idea, and I’ll do whatever it takes to allow it to happen.”

The plan as to how to make it happen came to me from the Lord. It’s as if the Lord dictated the instructions. This is how it went.

Steve and I drove the three hours to pick up Mom and Dad and bring them to our house. The next morning I drove Mom to the airport. I knew she would feel lost and alone being on her own in the airport, so I got a wheel chair for her and I was allowed to take her to the gate and wait with her there until she boarded the plane. My brother met her at the gate on the other end. She stayed with my brother and his wife and her grandchildren and had wonderful visits with her siblings and a great time at the party where all the relatives were gathered.

My father stayed with Steve and me, and while I worked Steve took care of my dad serving him food and helping him with his needs. Dad seemed not to suffer from loneliness since he always had me or Steve to talk to. After four days away I picked my mom up at the airport and Steve and I drove them back to their home the next day.

I do see that lately there are other situations in my life that seem impossible. There are issues with my job. There are physical and mental health issues of other relatives. There are loved ones who are having serious relationship problems. Others are unsaved, and it seems impossible for them to ever come to the Lord.

The verse that keeps being proclaimed in my heart and mind lately is

With God nothing is impossible (Matthew 10:26).

I can’t make things happen (I try so hard to sometimes) but with God they can happen. I can’t say that they will happen, but He is certainly able to do far above all that I could ask of think—just as He did in the situation with Mom travelling.

Today I’m bringing my impossibilities to the Lord and confessing my unbelief. I am declaring that I know now that God is able to do anything—that with Him nothing is impossible. I’m once again letting go of fretting and of trying to make things happen in my own strength.

Here’s another verse that declares truth to my soul:

 Ah, Sovereign Lord, you have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and outstretched arm. Nothing is too hard for you. Jeremiah 32:17

God is so good and so powerful. Will you dare to bring your seemingly impossible situations to Him and believe that wholeheartedly today?

Update on my mother’s travels: tomorrow I leave for the Chicago area with Mom, so she can visit her siblings again. As I continued to believe God for the impossible in helping my mom to connect with her siblings, I have brought her up north twice since her sister’s birthday. My husband, Steve, takes care of my father–a task which also seemed impossible. He does get some help from our daughters, but God is stretching him in this new area of service. Also, my dad’s heart has remained humble as he sacrifices and allows my mom to have time away from him.

I have made a commitment which I believe came from the Lord–as long as the Lord allows, I will bring my mother up north to see her siblings once a year. Last year she had two good visits with her brother who lived in an ALF. He was delighted to see her. She visited in July, and he died in November. How wonderful that she was able to see him and enjoy some quality time together before he went home to be with the Lord.

God works out the details as I determine to believe for the impossible.

“Nothing Is Impossible” by Planetshakers

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I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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1 Response to Believing the Impossible Repost

  1. Cindy smith says:

    Elaine,Awesome blog as always !! Thanks for writing them ! It really helps strengthen my faith! I Love Love that song!! I never heard it before. You are an inspiration Elaine and a beautiful person! I just know God is well pleased with you and shining his pleasure and grace on you! Keep up the great work of honoring God and sharing His love!! And even more importantly keep living by example of His great love n mercy ( as I know you will n always do) especially by doing God;s work to those at work suffering and in great crisis and in great need of hope and caring. I have seen you touch so many lives with your kindness and love of God ! You have such a big heart and you are a wonderful person and Christian! I am so blessed and proud to call you my friend! You inspire me to be an even better Christian. God is good… All the time!! All the time..God is good!! I love you ♥️♥️♥️

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