Run Seven Miles? Impossible! Not!

When my daughter asked me to run with her a number of years ago, I had doubts I would be able to accomplish the task.

I hadn’t run in years, and problems with my feet plagued me when I tried to return to running in the past. My knees hurt a bit as well. Then there was the tingling in my left thigh when I tried to run. Not to mention the pressure on my bladder.

Since that time I entered quite a few 5K races with her, and I even won second place in my age group in one of them. The tingling in my thigh disappeared, my knees hurt only occasionally, and my foot problem improved with better shoes. Also, I’ve worked through the bladder issue.

There was a little whisper of, “That’s impossible,” when Tami asked me to run back then, but I wanted to spend time with her, so I tried it, asking God to give me strength and direction. He helped me do what I thought I couldn’t.

“I could never run a 10K,” I announced to Tami at one of the running events when I saw others getting ready for that race. The 6 mile plus distance truly seemed like an impossibility.

But not too long ago, I ran further than I have in my life–seven miles. I didn’t start out to accomplish what I saw as an impossibility. My goal was to improve my time on the 5K. The instructions I found online said to run four days a week: 30 minutes, 40 minutes, 40 minutes, and on one day 4-7 miles. I didn’t think I could ever build up to the seven miles, but as I added a bit more distance each week, I did it.

When I tell people this, it’s not to brag or say, “Look how special I am.” What I want to communicate is, “Look how amazing God is. I moved toward a task that seemed impossible, and with His help, I accomplished it.”

I remember thinking it would be impossible to keep on running through the summer, but this year I’ve done that as well. I wear a “stay cool” visor with a cooling gel in the part that rests on my forehead. Around my neck I have a cooling cloth, which I refresh with cold water during my run from the bottle of frozen water I carry on my run, which melts along the way. I make sure I get up at sunrise, and I have an energy bar before the run and a protein shake after.

I’ll be 64 soon, and I feel healthier than I have my whole life–not only physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

Running draws me closer to the Lord. I use the time to pray and worship. I marvel at the beauty of nature–His creation. When I run, I sense Him with me. I think through writing projects and work through emotional issues with Him along the way. Also, I feel less stressed as I maintain my running routine.

Yesterday as I ran my seven miles, (on my long distance day, I do 5, 6, or 7 miles) I thought of other areas of my life which felt like impossible situations. Once I accomplished the goal of a seven-mile run, I realized anew God wants to assist me with every “impossible” circumstance in my life.

Some which come to mind are dealing with certain difficult people, accomplishing my writing goals, and finishing hard, time-consuming tasks around the house.

God also brought to mind impossiblities from the past where I saw Him intervene in powerful ways: the healing of our marriage, deliverance from depression, writing a full-length book, using a computer, learning how to write and post a blog. And the list goes on.

Instead of embracing an “I can’t; it’s hopeless” attitude, I can go to God and be reminded, “With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26 NIV)

My problem over the years centers on my tendency to want to do things on my own or in my own strength instead of “with God.”

Once the weather cools off a bit, I plan to sign up for a 10K race. I look forward to it. And when I cross the finish line, I will give God all the credit for allowing it to happen.

I’m excited to see what other seeming impossibilities God will challenge me with in the days ahead.

“All Things Are Possible” by Darlene Zschech





About elainecreasman

I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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2 Responses to Run Seven Miles? Impossible! Not!

  1. Joan Lanning says:

    Thanks Elaine

  2. KAM CONGLETON says:

    thanks for sharing! So encouraging to hear this!

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