Things Left Undone Repost

Because of a busy holiday season with relatives in town, once again I’m reposting a blog. This came from last year. Much of what I wrote then applies to me today—especially my challenge with procrastination. As I look forward to 2018, I desire to procrastinate less, and accomplish more—with God’s help.

God bless you with joy, peace, and strength in 2018. May you wholeheartedly serve the Lord and do much to advance His kingdom as you draw closer to Him.  

Things Left Undone

First posted on December 31, 2016 by elainecreasman

As the year draws to an end, my mind focuses on a nagging subject which can be described in three words.

Things left undone.

Some of these have to do with the holiday season: I wanted to visit a friend who’s still grieving over the sudden and tragic death of her husband a couple of years ago. I had planned to go to Clearwater Beach and sing Christmas carols to the scores of people walking by. I had intended to send more Christmas cards than I did—especially to those I hadn’t connected with during 2016.

I had in my mind to create a powerful Christmas blog and even work on writing a Christmas song.

House guests and unexpected obstacles like my computer crashing, and feeling wearier than usual, led to me not accomplishing everything I had a mind to do.

Then comes the tasks left undone in the all-year-long areas of my life, ie writing, home care and repairs, my health and fitness goals, my relationships with family and friends, my spending more time practicing the guitar.

As I contemplate things left undone, I realize some are my own things—while others are directed by the Lord. The key is distinguishing between the two.

One day in early December, I dealt with one of those God-instigated things left undone even though I had let months go by since I sensed an urging from the Lord to set things right.

What I knew the Lord wanted was for me to apologize to sales clerks at a local store. One day over a year before, I irritably lashed out at them over a dispute in pricing. I raised my voice and spewed sarcasm. I stomped out in a huff leaving my merchandise behind.

Every time I drove by the store, I knew God wanted me to set things right, not just with a mailed note, but in person. After many months of procrastination, I brought an apology note enclosed in a Christmas card identifying myself as a Christian, along with a large container of gourmet popcorn. I wrote my apology and spoke it out loud as well, thanking them for being kind, patient, and merciful with me.

“This never happens,” I heard one clerk say to another off to the side while they inspected the gift and the clerk in front of me checked me out.

While accomplishing this thing left undone, I realized wrong choices followed by right ones serve as a powerful Christian witness and bring glory to God as well as a release and sense of satisfaction to me.

In this coming year, I’ll be praying to avoid having things left undone, and with God’s help will work on letting go of procrastination. But even if I do delay, as I stay before the Lord I know He’ll give me direction and strength to do all He’s called me to do and let those other “good ideas” I come up with fall away.

Today I’m not just focused on things left undone by me, but I’m also continuing to celebrate all God has done in and through me in 2016.

As far as things left undone at Christmas time, with a little adjustment I can still do each one. It’s my own notion that they can only be done during the holiday season.

I rejoice that I serve a God who doesn’t leave things left undone, even though my flesh insists He’s taking too long, and gets miffed that He’s not doing things my way.

The promise He’s given me relating to this is in Psalm 138:8: “The Lord will perfect that which concerns me…” (AMPC)

Thank You, Lord, for such a wonderful promise. Help me to embrace it fully.

About elainecreasman

I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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2 Responses to Things Left Undone Repost

  1. Joan Lanning says:

    Thanks Elaine for sharing all the much informative compositions with us.

  2. Thank you for sharing honestly–the incident with losing your temper with the sales clerks is so real…yes, an apology is so rare these days! I know that spoke volumes! Honesty and humility are like diamonds–they shine in the night.

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