Remind Me Who I Am Repost

Not long ago someone I love called me a name. She said she did it out of anger, but it still hurt deeply. It seemed to me you only use that word with people you hate. I looked up the definition of this word and read: “an irritating or contemptible person.”

Is that what I am? I wondered. Then I looked up contemptible and read: “Deserving contempt; despicable.” Other synonyms for contemptible are: detestable hateful, reprehensible deplorable, disgraceful, shameful, low, mean, unworthy, worthless.”

It took me a while to reject what this person said about me and proclaim, “I don’t receive that,” like my Bible study teacher taught me.

A couple days ago, I ran across a blog from 2012 that spoke to the issue battled: being tempted to define myself by what others say I am rather than by what God says. Often the people who speak unkindly to me reject God or a truth He brings before they reject me. Such was the case with my loved one.

Here is that blog. Reading it lifted my spirits and even brought me joy as I was reminded how God sees me, and that how others define me doesn’t really matter.

I pray for this loved one that she will see herself as God sees her since I believe she feels bad about herself, which causes her to lash out at others. Lord, please remind her who she is.

Remind Me Who I Am Repost

First posted on June 18, 2012

Recently I read a blog written by a seeker of truth—someone who didn’t present himself as a born again Christian but who put some truth into what he wrote. One challenge he gave the reader was to explore the “I am” statements he says or thinks about himself throughout the day. The conclusion the blogger came to is that those statements may not be true.

I realized that I still slip into saying negative “I ams” when I’m having a bad day: I am a failure. I am a mess. I am not good enough.

Before I knew the Lord, when these statements came to mind, I believed them. And I allowed them to dictate how I lived.

After reading that blog, I left a comment:

“For years I defined who I was–mostly with negative statements about myself. Then I received Christ as my Savior, and He saved me not only from hell in the future but also from the present bondage and pain of these lies I had used for so long to define myself. Now I can be joyful and free as I embrace who He says I am. Sometimes I need to be reminded.”

Then I put the link to an Internet site I found that tells who I am in Christ. Here are a few reminders from that site:


 child John 1:12

 friend James 2:23

 chosen Ephesians 1:4

 beloved Romans 1:7/ 2 Thess 2:13

 precious jewel Malachi 3:17

 I AM…

 free forever from sin’s power Romans 6:14

 loved eternally 1 Peter 1:5 /

 not condemned Romans 8:1-2

 his sheep Ps 23 / Psalms 100:3/ John 10:14

 a citizen of heaven 1 Peter 2:11

A couple of days later, a friend sent me a link to the song “Remind Me Who I Am” by Jason Gray. I had heard the song before but because of reading the blog and then receiving and listening anew to Jason’s song, I decided God wanted to remind me who I am in Him.

Perhaps it’s because as I go through the valley of suicide grief I have had some “I am” thoughts that aren’t true ie “I am a failure because I didn’t save my brother’s life,” and “I am not loved by God because He allowed this to happen to a member of my family.”

Today I am holding to who and what God says I am. All of them wrapped together come down to the most significant which is “I am eternally loved by Him.” No circumstance, no fault of mine, no words or actions of others can change that fact. Now there’s a reason to celebrate.

How about you? Do you define who you are and/or allow others to do so? Are you ready to fully embrace the “I am” truths God is holding out to you and to all who belong to Him?

If You are not born again but would like to be so that all of these “I am” statements will apply to you, say this prayer poem written by Billy Graham:

Jesus, You died upon a cross/And rose again to save the lost/Forgive me now of all my sin/Come be my Saviour, Lord, and Friend. Change my life and make it new/And help me Lord/to live for You.

Link to “I am” lists:

Link to “Remind Me Who I Am” by Jason Gray:


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