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Repost of “Never Alone #2–Never Alone In Our Pain

Recently, I felt alone because of a trial I’m facing—one that could possibly last for years and even until the end of my life. This trial seems to be one that’s hard to talk about—one that unless you have dealt … Continue reading

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Never Alone #2–Never Alone in Our Pain

On Thursday evening I was watching American Idol when what I heard surprised me. The singer/songwriter, Sia, who was helping Dalton, one of the contestants, asked a question she already knew the answer to, “You’re bipolar?” Then she said, “So … Continue reading

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I Am Never Alone

Last week I wrote about “I am” statements we say to ourselves. One of the declarations I make in my mind on a regular basis is “I am alone.” It’s not that I’m by myself when I say those words. … Continue reading

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