“Lord, rescue her,” I pray fervently lately for a loved one who seems determined to rebel against every authority in her life.

The problem is she doesn’t want to be rescued.

The image which came to mind yesterday was that she struggles in the deep end of the pool, has forgotten how to swim, and refuses to grab hold of any life preserver thrown to her.

Why would she do that? I asked myself.

The reason came quickly to mind. There are people she sees as friends in the deep end of the pool with her, none of whom knows how to swim, and she doesn’t want to leave them.

Yes, they are treading water and are keeping their heads just above water with much effort, but it’s just a matter of time that they will sink. Somehow they don’t believe that.

I’ve tried to rescue her myself, but she just fights me off and shouts, “Leave me alone.”

Yesterday a song came on the radio as I thought about this loved one in need of rescue. The song sung by Rend Collective is called, “Rescuer.”

As I listened to the song, the Lord whispered a promise to me, “She may not want to be rescued right now, but I will rescue you.”

I thought of what I needed rescuing from which related to this loved one’s struggles: fear, worry, trying to control, devising my own feeble attempts at rescue, depression, blame, shame, unforgiveness, judging, negativity and more.

So today I changed my prayer, “Lord, rescue me.”

Right now I confess the sins I’ve given in to as I deal with this crisis.

I apply the words to the song by Rend Collective to me and to my struggle. I grabthe life preserver the Lord is throwing out to me. I am allowing Him to bring me back to the place of faith in Him, of believing His promises, and holding to His Word. I determine not to give up on prayer, even though it seems the more I have pray, the worse things get.

One promise which came to mind today is this one: “You will keep him in perfect peace,
whose mind is stayed on You…” (Isaiah 26:3).

I listened to more songs on the radio yesterday after the Rend Collective song, which lifted my spirit and reminded me of God’s faithfulness. How often He has rescued others I prayed for–in His way and in His time. I knew He was able to do it again. I no longer needed to see myself as the rescuer. Only He could rescue her from this place of defiance and disobedience.

As I sense God rescuing me from these negative responses to this loved one’s rebellion, I feel one emotion well up in me for her: love. It’s not my love, but the love of the Lord. I thought of the many times I was the rebellious one and how He loved me through it all and how He forgave me and helped me and once He had transformed me, He showed me how I could help those who had grabbed the life preserver to return to living a godly life. I’ve done this through my writing, through mentoring, and through public speaking.

I’m not going to stop praying for God to rescue my loved one, but I am going to stop trying to be the rescuer, and I’m going to let go of my negative thoughts toward this dear one who needs rescuing.

Once again my trust in the Lord is being tested.

Today I choose to keep trusting—even though circumstances seem dark.

I think of a song the Lord gave me years ago, which I know I shared here in the past. The Lord gave me this song during a different crisis years ago. I still believe the promise the Lord gave to me back then through that song, and I apply it to this latest crisis.

Everything will be alright.

Everything will be alright.

Morning will come

to end this night, and

everything will be alright.


Everything will be alright.

Everything will be alright.

Into this darkness,

He’ll shine His light, and

everything will be alright.

Just trust, and

everything will be alright.

God reminded me of the title of another song I wrote years ago for another rebellious loved one. I don’t remember the whole song, and I haven’t listened to it in years. (It’s on an old cassette somewhere.) That loved one is on her way back to wholeheartedly following Jesus. The title, and the words repeated over and over were, “She still belongs to Me.”

I receive that for this loved one as well.

I’m determined this moment, for the rest of today, and in the days to come to keep my eyes on the Lord, and not on all I see that’s wrong, and allow Him to keep rescuing me—even as I hold to the belief that He will rescue her.

He is able.

He is faithful.

He is trustworthy.

Rescuer (Good News) by Rend Collective


About elainecreasman

I am a freelance writer and inspirational speaker. Since 1986 I have led the Suncoast Christian Writers Group.
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12 Responses to Rescuer

  1. thornrose7 says:

    I really feel this one, Elaine and you wrote my heart, today. May the Lord have mercy on us all.

  2. Dawn says:

    Hi Elaine, this is Dawn Carter, now living in Greenville.SC.
    I belong to Brookwood Church and work with the Care Department, especially in the lay counseling and transformation prayer ministry. Our dept. retreat last month was all about rescue.
    I’m sending this to the three pastors in the Care Dept.
    Thank you so much.

    • Dawn, thank you so much for your comment and for passing this along to the pastors at your church. I continue to pray that we will all allow God to be the rescuer in our lives and in the lives of those we love.

  3. Selena Whiteside says:

    This article is spot on! As a mother of two adult children, I find myself wanting to be the rescuer too often. I believe it’s because I can see what might happen in certain situations they are going through because I’ve been there- but just because I experienced certain results in a situation doesn’t mean my children will have the same results. It can be very difficult watching our children struggle to find their way. Prayer and trusting in the Lord is what keeps me going. That and listening to good Christian music. Thank you for this article. God bless.

    • Selena, thank you for your comment about this blog. I so relate to your struggle with your children. These days my granddaughter is also involved in those I want to rescue. I’m praying we all will trust God to be our rescuer and the rescuer of those we love. As I said before, “He is able.”

  4. Nelis says:

    Thank you Dear Sister for your faithfulness ! I like many others needed this Word as a reminder that we are not the rescuers, we are the Believers.

  5. Bobbie Norris says:

    Very good Elaine. My youngest daughter needs rescue and so do i -thankyou

  6. Thank you for your comment. You are very welcome.

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